Thursday, September 15, 2011

Language and Girls

I taught myself the America Sign Language Alphabet last night. It took only a half hour which surprised the hell out of me. I really think I have a knack for languages or something because I have always been able to pick up on them quickly, whether it was learning Japanese in karate class or figuring out all the Mandalorian slang in the Star Wars novels I used to read.

I have come to the conclusion that the thing in a girl that I am most attracted to is their brain. Sure, I am a guy so obviously the boobs and butt count for something (although from a physical standpoint the eyes what are truly attractive) but when it comes down to it smart girls are who I am truly attracted to. And I don’t mean “I got A’s in all my high school classes so I must be smart” kind of intelligent. I’m talking about girls who are well and truly brilliant minded and are willing to talk about science or world politics or art and not get bored. I really think that smart girls are totally my kryptonite.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I meant to post as soon as I got here but I didn't have internet access until today. So here is 3 days worth of college blogs!

September 5/2011
I moved into my college residence today. It’s pretty cool, although somewhat crammed, which is to be expected I guess. I live with three other dudes who all seem pretty cool, but man, do they have a lot of stuff compared to me. I got next to nothing. I barely have enough hangers for all my clothes and yet these guys have a dishwasher, a TV, and an Xbox. I feel like poor man. I guess it’s my minimalist way of thinking. I could live on Kraft Dinner and comic books for the rest of my life and I’d be cool with it.
I think I moved into the music part of res. All of these guys are music students and I, the sole theatre student feel somewhat out of place. There are guitars and amps all over the place, one dude beat-boxes in the shower (amazingly well I might add) and there is an organ in the basement. Yes, you heard me correctly. An organ. Why the hell would you need an organ? I don’t know but I guess I’ll find out.
My sister wrote me this amazing letter about me leaving and it most definitely brought me to tears. I read it about a half hour after she and my parents left and I was alone in my room and I totally started crying all over the place. I love my sister. She is the best. I wouldn’t enjoy life as much as I do without her. I’m going to miss her so much I can’t even find words to describe it.
I guess this is the beginning of a new era of my life. I’m finally on the road to my future. Sounds lame but it’s true. I’m staring down the canyon of the rest of my life and I’m ready to jump off with no parachute. A year and a half ago if you had told me I’d be on my way to being an actor I would have called bullshit on you. Back then I was a cynical, antisocial dork. Now I am a stupidly positive (borderline na├»ve) zany nutjob who is willing to jump off of buildings for shits and giggles. What a difference. It’s like I grew down. It’s as if I am just now getting to be an adolescent idiot just as I become an adult.

September 6/2011
First day of actually going to school and it was intense. It wasn’t classes or anything but we were there for orientation and met our instructors and the other students in our program. Holy crap this is going to be a completely new experience. Especially considering how different the dynamic is in this social circle. When I got into my group of friends in high school I was kind of adopted like a lost puppy into a well-established group, but this is starting from ground zero. Even the second years who have already known each other for quite some time don’t seem particularly tight. It’s odd going from such a close community to this disparate hodgepodge of people. I guess it’s only going to build from here, so I’m forever optimistic.
There was this hot, twenty-something year old redhead at orientation and I flirted with her for like, a second but I played up to people that I totally was going to get with her just for the shits and giggles. She was still hothothot hothothot though.

September 7/2011
Classes began today and they seem really legit. Like, this is going to be the foundation of the rest of my life. I’m learning shit now that I’m sure I will take with me forever. One class is basically Professional Development in the Arts on steroids, which is just the craziest thing ever. I’m so glad I took that class last year, because now I feel more relaxed (although still stressed out of my mind) about that class.
We went out after classes to a bar and grill called Bo’s with a bunch of the other students in the program (both first and second years) and it was a blast. I think I came off a little strong and hyper, but I guess that’s just how I am in new social situations. Obnoxious and without a volume control.