Sunday, June 19, 2011

Green Lantern is Not That Bad

Going into this movie I thought it would suck. Reason being is I always get a preconceived notion after reading reviews and almost make up my mind before I actually go watch a movie. Plus, the trailers I had so far seen were not that spectacular because they kept on showing the same shit over and over again. Depressing. Anywho, let’s get on with it.

Green Lantern was good. I wouldn’t say it is The Dark Knight material, but it’s decent. It’s up there with (some people might hate me for saying this) the first X-Men Trilogy (not a big fan). Let’s first list the pros and cons:

-Ryan Reynolds actually was the consistently good aspect of the movie, which is surprising because I wasn’t exactly happy with his casting as Hal.

-The effects were pretty badass. Gotta love thousands of different GL’s that look totally sick and tricked out in their own distinct suits. The Guardians and Oa were both incredible as well.

-Secondary extraterrestrial characters were all perfectly cast. Mark Strong stole the show with his overall 10 minute portrayal of Sinestro.

-The basic story was not that bad. It had some rather random plot deviations, but overall it was pretty generic for a Green Lantern origin story. There’s no trumping A New Frontier with this, but meh. It’s hard to beat Darwyn Cooke in reimagining superheroes anyway.

-Parallax was lame. It was Galactus from Rise of the Silver Surfer with a face. Why was he a Guardian? What happened to the epic insectoid dragon of death that possesses beings and feeds off the fear they instil in others. If I ever see a galactic cloud of death replace an epic villain again I will loose all faith in superhero cinema (not really, but it sucks and is old already).

-Hector Hammond….should never have even been in the movie. I didn’t care about him, his ties to Hal were barely explored, his powers were blah, he squealed for no reason, and I just got annoyed with the acting. He was trying to be creepy but instead it was just goofy.

-Random plot points that were shown and then just barely touched on throughout the rest of the movie. Hal’s family were pretty much useless beyond inspiring him to play Green Lantern hot wheels. Hector Hammond, as mention above, was useless. Dr. Waller’s little flashback origin revealed very little and was simply ditched right after it was shown.

The verdict?

Acting: ***
Plot: ***
Effects: ****
Truth to Source: ***

Overall: *** 1/2

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