Thursday, June 30, 2011

Malarkey Shenanigans

Malarkey Shenanigans is defined as:

"Things you totally should not do but are just too damn awesome so you do 'em anyway".

Malarkey Shenanigans include, but are not limited to:

Running around in your underpants
Drinking...too much
Falling on your face and splitting your chin open
Jumping off cliffs
Climbing on rooftops
Blabbing about Buzz Lightyear while getting facial reconstruction surgery
Burping way too loud
Being too loud in a public place
Running through the streets
Swimming in rivers
Eating a whole box of donuts to yourself
Drinking 3 large slurpees in one day
Climbing stairwells
Sprinting through your neighbourhood in a superhero costume
Making an epic entrance into a room when it is unwarranted
Screaming for no reason
Climbing trees
Quoting movies at inappropriate times
Singing in public
Swimming in your clothes
Trying to climb up stairs on your back (just try, I dare you)
Lyeing on the ground in weird places
Climbing fences
Sliding down banisters
Shooting toy insects around with a slingshot
Watching YouTube videos when you should be doing something else
Using exacto knifes as throwing weapons
Trolling the interwebz
Jumping off things that really should not be jumped off
Climbing on things that should not be climbed on
Running through things that should not be run through

You've probably realized by this point that I may have done one or two (or all) of these things. The list may be changed sooner or later.

"And what kind of malarkey shenanigans--" -Peter Parker

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